About the Journal

I created this journal as a way for me to share information with parents and students. I’ll write about the things we’re learning in class, homework, ongoing projects, and upcoming topics. I’ll also post pictures and relevant links throughout the year.

Parents and students are welcome to register and leave comments. These will be moderated by me and may need approval before they appear on the journal. You can also email me directly with any questions or suggestions.

About Ms. Amanda

I’ve been teaching since 2008, and have been with Camelot Academy since 2010. I earned my bachelor of arts in elementary education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2008. During college, I honed my science education skills by working at the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center. My official job title at the time was “Zeiss Pilot” (the person who runs the star projector during shows), but I also wrote curricula for and taught science classes and summer camps.

Now I teach Senior M.A.P.P., one of three Multi-Age Progressive Primary classes in the Lower School, and Middle Grades. I also sing professionally around the Triangle and play video games. I live with my husband and five (5!) cats in Durham.