HW 9/21

Math: I will begin assigning math books this week. I will not be able to put each student’s math assignment online, so please check the planners every day to make sure your child is completing his or her homework. Thank you!

ELA Extensions: Most students started working in vocabulary books today! I kept the workbooks today so that I can get a sense of how far students got today, but they will get them back tomorrow or Wednesday. Look for homework Wednesday night.

HW 9/10

Practice Math Facts:
Addition: Everyone passed!
Subtraction: Raina, Callie (test tomorrow)
Multiplication: Ashley, Teresa (test Monday)

Science Explorations:
Write the procedure for the experiment we performed today. Due Monday, 9/14

Vocabulary Extensions:
No homework

HW: Math 9/4

I just realized today that I have not been posting the Homework for Math! I’m so sorry! Next week I will be sure to post the homework every day.

This weekend students should practice their assigned math facts. Have a good holiday!